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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Cassandra checked her little red dress and liked what she saw.  Her lean and lithe five foot ten frame made the dress look good along with her red hair.  Sunday was about the only time she was able to show her female side.  The majority of the time in her job as an electrical engineer required that she wear jeans and the co-op logoed blouse with her work boots. 
The organ in the church was beginning to play the closing song for the service at Our Savior Light Church when all the power went out.  Pastor Tom greeted all the members of the congregation as they filed out of the sanctuary.  He asked Casey: “what do you think happened to the power?” She answered: I don’t know, but I will find out and get back to you Pastor.” She reached the parking lot and retrieved her cell phone from the consol of her Nissan Pathfinder.  Casey already had ten messages and twice as many text messages.  She put the SUV into drive and headed to her ranch to change clothes.  The app on her smart phone told her that her ranch was on her genset.  She pushed the button and the gate opened as she drove into her home.  She changed and did a quick look at her messages on her phone.  All had to do with no powers in the Rusty River Co-Op service territory.  She went out of her way a section so she could take a look at the switchyard which was only two miles from her home.
The scene at the switchyard was a picture of destruction.  The familiar hum of the substation was replaced with smoke, silence, and the smell of burnt oil.  Casey turned around and drove within a mile of her home.  She reached under the passenger seat and pulled out a faraday cage containing a ham radio.    
The information she received with her calls to key operators confirmed her worse fears.  She made the thirteen calls to the Haven Helpers.  Casey raced back to ranch to pack for her new life in a new World.   

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Cypress looked down the barrel of her NATO 308 Springfield developing a great sight picture of the large transmission insulator.  She squeezed the trigger ever so gently until the big rifle spoke to her.  She watched as the insulator disintegrate into a pile of rubble. She continued pumping rounds into the electrical substation until all of the insulators had been changed from a working substation into a ruble filled yard of destruction.  The pile of used clips were piled alongside the spend ammo cartridges making a random painting of carnage.  The substation, which had been working perfectly until only one hour earlier would not be part of an electric system for years to come or maybe never again. 
Cy cased her rifle, collected the spent and live clips into her range bag.  She lowered the bag and cases down to the ground.  The ladder which she climbed down was close to nine foot from top to bottom.  The cube truck was an exact match for the ones used is all of the utility industry.  The deck on the top of the truck made an excellent shooting platform.   She packed the rifles and placed the used and live clips into the correct bins and secured the rear doors.  Cy collected the signage on the truck and stored it behind the front seat.  She pulled out the next utility signage package and checked the image on the paper for correctly placing the new signage on the truck. 

The blueprint of cleansing the earth from the false GOD called ELECTRIC POWER had begun two days prior on Christmas Day all over the world.  Cy checked her route map for her next target. She put the truck into gear and continued on the road to change the world forever.
 Every month or less a page will be presented on this blog for a new chapter for the TRANSFORMED TODAY  message.         Leonardo Van Camp "The Year of our Lord 2014"