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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Ian Lord looked down the barrel of his NATO 308 Springfield developing a great sight picture of the large transmission insulator.  He squeezed the trigger ever so gently until the big rifle spoke to him.  He watched as the insulator desinagrated into a pile of rubble.  He continued pumping rounds into the electrical substation until all of the insulators had been changed from a working substation into a ruble filled yard of destruction.  The pile of used clips were piled alongside the spend ammo cartridges making a random painting of carnage.  The substation, which had been working perfectly until only one hour earlier would not be part of an electric system for years or maybe never again. 
Ian cased his rifle, collected the spent and live clips into his range bag.  He lowered the bag and cases down to the ground.  The ladder which he climbed down was close to nine foot from top to bottom.  The cube truck was an exact match for the ones used is all of the utility industry.  The deck on the top of the truck made an excellent shooting platform.   He packed the rifles and placed the used and live clips into the correct bins and secured the rear doors.  Ian collected the signage on the truck and stored it behind the front seat.  He pulled out the next utility signage package and checked the image on the paper for correctly placing the new signage on the truck. 

The blueprint of cleansing the earth from the false GOD called ELECTRIC POWER had begun two days prior on Christmas Day all over the world.  Ian checked his route map for his next target.  He put the truck into gear and continued on the road to change the world forever.
 Every month a page will be presented on this blog for a new chapter for the TRANSFORMED TODAY  message.         Leonardo Van Camp "The Year of our Lord 2014"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


How do you feel when your insurance lapses or is cancelled.  You feel like everyone is aiming at you while you are in your car.  Your home if uninsured would make your nervous with every noise or knock at the door.  How would you like to have peace of mind?  A shelter which could be built anywhere on your property or shared with family or friends would give your that insurance which you need for your peace of mind.
I have researched all types of bunkers which are constructed of steel, fiberglass, concrete, and wood.  The common thread which is constant with all of these structures is the high cost.  Most costs start at $15,000 and go all the way up to a million dollars.  How many people do you know that can put up that type of cash? 
We all know why we need a shelter and most of us know where we would like to put it. How would you like to build a starter structure which could be upgraded with the coming years?  Would you like to build that first structure for under $5,000.00 or less.  You will be able to upgrade your shelter for Earth (earthquakes, mud slides), Wind (tornados, hurricanes), Fire (forest fires, grass fires), and Family (survival, occurrence) when the time and funds present themselves.
The packages are available from which is trying to help the public provide the protection, security, and peace of mind.  I am waiting for the groups of new offerings which will be coming out in the near future.  They incorporate the use of sweat equity to put together the shelter which had many uses and can save your life in your future.  Where Are You Going To Go???